Quality Assurance Group


Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya has a Gugus Jaminan Mutu (GJM) / Quality Assurance Force, that is responsible for determining the Academic Policies, Academic Standards, Academic Regulations, Academic Quality Manual, Studies Competence Program and Graduates Specification. Besides doing the evaluation on the implementation of the learning process on a periodic basis by the end of each semester, GJM also make success and failures analysis report of students during the learning process to be submitted to the Dean.

To maintain the quality of the learning process implementation, each course has provided the course syllabus which made by a group of concerned lecturers and the coordinator lecturer will be coordinating, evaluating, and monitoring all the activities of the learning process periodically.

External examiner are included in the thesis examination as long as the tested material is needed. For the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning, Faculty of Law always evaluates the learning process of each semester through the student polls. The result of opinion polls become a feedback for the improvement of the organization of the learning process on next semester. Improvement of the quality of teaching and learning process are also done through the alignment and curriculum renewal. By involving all the components, both lecturers, students, stakeholders, and alumni, Faculty of Law conducts a periodic curriculum improvement in every 5 (five) years.