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Setiawan Nurdajasakti SH, MH. the student of the Law Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Law, University Brawijaya has managed to get a doctorate and defended his dissertation in front of the Dissertation Exam Session on Friday, April 5 2019. The open session was held at the Auditorium of the 6th floor of Building A […]

Brawijaya Faculty of Law Lecturer, Afifah Kusumadara., SH., LLM, SJD became a guest speaker at the Public Service Improvement Workshop for Justice and Indonesian Legal Entities through the Development of Indonesian Private International Law organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta on Wednesday, February 20 2019. The meeting was held with the aim […]

Students from the State Administration Law Departement Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya (FHUB) held a guest lecture that discussed  about Scope of Taxpayers, Preparation of Payments, Investigations, Inspections and Enforcement of Taxes, Determination of Administrative Sanctions and Penal Sanctions, as well as Role of Enforcing State Revenues from the Tax Sector. The Seminar take […]

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