The Exploring Legal Cultures Part III

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Malang (25/8/2015) As a continuation of The Exploring Legal Cultures Program, which is made possible by the cooperation of three universities; Leipzig University, Brawijaya University and State University of Jakarta. The Exploring Legal Cultures Part I which was successfully held in Germany last June was followed by yesterday’s Part II in Jakarta during 23-24 of August and the event continues on Part III which is going to be held in Brawijaya University, Malang through 24-31 August 2015.


After finishing the Part II in Jakarta, all the delegates were moving to Malang starting today (Tuesday/25). The Local ELC committees from Brawijaya University are preparing for everything to welcome all of the delegates with various program on the first day such as City Tour and Welcoming Dinner. During the city tour all of the delegates were traveling across the City of Malang with the special open-door bus provided by the committee. The delegates were very excited about the tour, one of the German delegates, Alex, explained that he got to a closer look to the city of Malang with the city tour, he also explained that the weather and overall condition in Malang was much better than what they have back in Jakarta a couple of days ago.


After the city tour was finished, the firs-day event was continued with the official welcoming dinner which was taking place in the Auditorium 6th Floor Building A Faculty of Law Bawijaya University. The welcoming dinner was officially started by the speech from the vice Rector of Brawijaya University, the representative of State University of Jakarta as well as an opening remarks by the dean of Faculty of Law Brawijaya University.

As of tomorrow (26/8/2015) the delegates will involved in a various program such as  visiting prison, working groups and many other. And everyday through the August 31st PSIK FHUB will create a special report that will be reported in to the website regarding with the activities of the Exploring Legal Cultures.