The Delegation of FHUB Secure the Crown of 1st Winner During Legislative Drafting Competition PHN UNS 2015

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Malang (18/11/2015) November is a month full of blessed for the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University, thanks to some remarkable achievements by it’s students. The most recent, the delegation of Faculty of Law Brawijaya, just secure the glory as the 1st Winner of Legislative Drafting Competition in Universitas Sebelas Maret during the conduct of “Pekan Hukum Nasional 2015”. The delegations comprises of 6 student and 1 official, the students are; M. Fikri Alan, Hendry Dasdo Sinurat, Emilia Dewi, Moh.Rifan, Jazau Elvi Hasani, and the official is Linda Dewi Rahayu (2013).

The Legislative Drafting Competition took place on the Rektorat Building, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Solo, Central Java, during 11 November in which 3 finalist from three different universities got invited to present their draft, Hendry, one of the delegate explained that the success as becoming the finalist was earned after a serious attempt and work hard months before. Hendry further explained that the final session was breakdown into two sessions, namely; presentation sessions and question & answer session. The delegation explained that they were performing pretty well during the presentation sessions and they were able to answer all the questions raised by the jury smoothly.

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All the delegations explained that they are so honor to be able to present this trophy to the faculty and the university, all the delegates were give their word of thanks to all of the parties and all of the academic community in the faculty who had given their tireless support for them so that they are able to bring the crown of glory to Universitas Brawijaya.