The Debate Team of FHUB Secured the Silver Medal at Brawijaya Olympiad

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Three students of Faculty of Law had shown a tremendous effort during the event of Brawijaya Olympiad on the branch of debate competition, the students are Siti Habiba (2014), Sofiyatur Rosyidah 2014, and Sofiatul Amrih (2014). The debate competition is just one of many competition’s branch of Brawijaya Olympiad, in which 16 faculty are taking part.

The debate competition was taking place at the Widyaloka Building in Brawijaya University, the way the competition running was by dividing those 16 teams as the preliminary round, in which the FHUB delegates was easily won against the delegation from Agricultural TechnologyFaculty which made their way into top 8. The delegates were made their way into the final round in which they’re battling hard against the delegation from Administration Science Faculty, after hold a very intense debate with a high-level of competition, it was so unfortunate that the delegation from faculty of law must surrender with a slight point against their rival. However the teams said that they were very proud to get into runner up and could contribute to FHUB in this tournement.

Brawijaya Olympiad is a very prestigious annual event for freshman students to show up their sports and social ability on so many branches of competition.