The Australian Students Attend the Workshop from BKBH (Legal Assistance)

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As part of the range of visitational activity, the Australian students today followed a series of workshop by BKPH, a legal assistance institution of Faculty of Law Brawijaya University. The workshop was conducted on Friday, September 25th 2015 in Building A 6th Floor.

All of the students seems to be very excited during the presentation lectures from BKBH, the presentation of BKBH was delivered by Mr. Setiawan, one of the legal assistance of BKBH. During his presentation, Mr. Setiawan explained that legal assistance has not touched  poor people or groups of poor people which makes it difficult for them to access justice, because they are hampered by “incompetence”. Arrangements concerning legal aid is a guarantee of the constitutional rights of a person or a group of poor people.


During the presentations, there are many questions raised by the students which makes the discussions even more alive, one of Australian students, Kylie, asked whether the lawyers in the field of private law willing to give legal assistance for those who don’t have a good financial conditions. Another questions come from Jackie, she asked about the amount of cases that BKBH handle, and Mr. Setiawan replied that there are about 60 cases that they handle every single year, but due to the lack of human resources they could only accommodate 10 cases a year.

During the presentations, BKBH also explained a little bit about the legal system in Indonesia.