Student of FHUB Participate on the SCG International Young Leaders Program 2015

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As the global challenge are getting more competitive, there is a need of a human-being that aware towards the changes around them. This is the principle holds by Kristiyanto, a 5th-semester student of Law Faculty Brawijaya University. On August 29 he joined an international program initiated by SCG, Siam Cement Group, Thailand’s 2nd biggest Multi-National company and well known as the ASEAN conglomerates. The event entitled SCG Young Leaders Program 2015 was attended by around 40 undergraduates student from various university in indonesia such as; UI, ITB, UGM, UB, UNAIR after being selected on a very high-challenged selection process.

The SCG Young Leaders Program 2015 was taken place on Cileungsi, Bogor and aimed to strengthen students awareness towards challenges and changes surrounding around them. During the one-day leadership program, all participants were faced with a world-class leadership mentoring by an expert team.

Kristiyanto said that it was an honored for him to join an international event like this, he said that this kind of program is a platform for best students across the country to meet and share ideas as well as making networks. “The people that we met here were some of the best student in the entire country, from Engineering, Law, Agriculture, and many other types of fields, the students were gathering here in Bogor and create unforgettable experience, I believe that all of the knowledge that we’ve gained here will be very beneficial for our future career”, He said.