FKPH Held a National Seminar in Cooperation with LKPP

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In an effort to celebrate it’s 19th birthday, FKPH, one of the most well-known and best performing student organization in the faculty of law held a national seminar in collaboration with LKPP. LKPP is Indonesia’s procurement institution. The seminar was held on Tuesday, September 29th 2015 took place in the Auditorium 6th Floor FHUB and were attended by hundreds of students from various batches. The seminar was attended by a distinguished speakers from LKPP such as Mr. Fendy Dharma Saputra SH, LLM and Ir. Gusmelinda Rahmi MAFIS, both of which had a significant position in LKPP and had tremendous practice experience in the field of procurement.

The seminar was opened by the speech from Andi Tanaka, the chairman of FKPH, he said that it was such an honored for FKPH to be able to collaborate with LKPP to conduct this seminar, he hoped that this cooperation could long-last through another upcoming events. Then the rundown was continued by the speech from Dr. Rachmad Syafaat, the dean of the faculty of law, University of Brawijaya.

The first keynote speech during the seminar was delivered by Ir. Gusmelinda Rahmi, a director of International Relationship of LKPP and was holding the LLM degree from Cleveland University, USA. During her speech, Mrs Linda told the attendees that in order to well-perform to achieve the goal of a certain organization (private or public), such organizations must comply with a lot of things including procurement for their materials including the consultant services.


The seminar was so exciting so that many students are attracted to raise a questions and stimulate the discussion. One of the questions came from Tifany, a student from FHUB, she asked about the coordination that have been made by LKPP with another institution such as KPPU, and the questions was replied by Mr. Fandy, he answered that the collaboration of LKPP and KPPU emerged when KPPU facing a dispute, when such things are happening, then KPPU will invite LKPP as the source of experts on the disputes. The seminar was activeely-conducted with so many questions from the students in which triggering for the discussions among the attendees.