FHUB Gain Victory in National Political Debate

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Three students from FHUB just recently won a national debate competition, the national political debate was held in the Universitas Negeri Malang during 9-10 November 2015. The students are Sabbihal Husni (2013), Gina Sabrina (2013), Sofiatul Amrih (2014). In that competition, the delegation of FHUB successfully gained the trophy of 1st Winner of the event.

The range of event was conducted in the Building E Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Malang. Sabbihal Husni, one of the delegates explained that the team had prepared for research for the motions months before the competition taken. Sabbihal Husni added that the team also conduct discussion with the peer students as well as with some of the lectures to broaden their knowledge as a basis of their argumentation, beside that the team also conduct sparing with other students.





Sabbihal Husni further explained that their way to the final round was unexpected. The team of FHUB met with the delegation of UNHAS in the final round, and they succesfully beat them in a very very tightfull debate. The team proceed to the final round after finishing the preliminary round in the chamber and in the semifinal round. The team explained that there were lots of obstacles during their preparation but then they were succesfully manage those and gloriously become the champions.