FHUB Delegates Participate in the KIP National Debating Competition

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In Celebrating the “World Transparancy Day” the Komisi Informasi Publik Republic of Indonesia held a national debating competition. The competition was held in the headquarter of KIP in Jakarta during 5-7 October 2015. The debate competition was participated by many university across Indonesia.

The delegates of the Faculty of Law UB were represented by 3 (three) students; Gina Sabrina, Ni Putu Kompiang Ratna Dewi and Ferry R Ramadhan in which they are some of the best students from the faculty of law. Gina Sabrina (2013) explained that they were preparing for the motion comprehensively by doing research, reading books and many other things to get the relevant information that they can use as their basis of argument on the debate.


Gina Sabrina further explain that there were 16 teams in total who were participating in the competition, the delegation of FHUB finished 2nd highest rank on the preliminary round, and then on the quarter-final round the team was battling hard against the delegation of Universitas Padjajaran, unfortunately the delegation of FHUB is beaten just by a slight margin. Due to the knock out system applied on the competition, then the delegation of FHUB is not eligible to proceed to the next round.