Workshop Mineralogy and Metallurgy: Mine Could Be Main Source of Income Indonesia

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“People say we are a land of paradise wooden stick and stones so the plants.
People say we are the land of paradise Shenghua wood and stone so the plants “-Koes Plus-

Songs of Shania Twain’s famous Indonesian band in the ’70s to become a starter at the Workshop on Research Mineralogy and Metallurgy: “Unveiling Wealth Mineral Resources of Indonesia”. Civilization Research Center shows the expedition sailed the island (from Banyuwangi to Banten) to examine the crops produced Java.

The event was opened by Prof. Dr. Ir Bambang Suharto, MS as Vice Rector at the Auditorium of Building A, 6th Floor, Faculty of Law, and was attended by 200 students, invitations, and lecturer. Speakers presenting the material, among others, Dr. Moh. Duncan, SH, MH, as well as the head of research penganggungjawab mineralogy, Yani B.Sc as entrepreneurs and researchers rocks, Agus observer, MT, as a member of the Faculty of Engineering geoligi, and Drs. Adi Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D., as the head of the UB Department of Physics and the moderator Muhammad Lutfi, who hosted a workshop with interesting.

Indonesia is rich in natural results, but until now the mineral resources that so many can not be a major source of revenue for Indonesia, because of that, the younger generation as the spearhead of the future of this nation, have mastered the science of mineral resources to can process them or at least understand the treatment process.
In terms of the law, should be given more authority to local governments to regulate the process of mining / mining. The three kinds of relationships should be established well, which governs the relationship between the state and the coal minerall, governs the relationship between the state and subject to the law (corporate and / or community), and sets the relationship between the mine operators and the public.
“The authorities should also be aware of the science of mineralogy and metallurgy, as they are supposed to regulate. As antiquity ketka Indonesia is still a government, every king must understand the science mineralurgi and metallurgy, until his government could be given life better. “Said Harun B. Sc.
In this workshop, Mr. Parman B.Sc also showcased the experiments on the ground Uruk in Malaga province south, particularly in the area of Abdul Rahman Saleh. Apparently seteah treated with a very simple technology, the Uruk land has a high selling value, and contains a lot of precious metal which is very expensive.

Great expectations of the speaker so that the Brawijaya students who attended this workshop to become agents of change in the Indonesian mining industry that the future will bring Indonesia to become the best in the world.(ea)