Visiting Professor 3 in 1 Lecture Program Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya

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Visiting Professor on Competition Law topic was held in Meeting Room 1 6th floor Building A Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya, Monday 2 September 2019. The main speaker was Prof. Hassan Qaqaya as Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law School.

3 in 1 Lecture Program was attended by 40 participants both undergraduate and post graduate students, and Dr. Sukarmi, S.H., M.H as FHUB academics and event moderators.

The purpose of this event is to provide perspectives related to competition law, The event consists of two sessions. The first session will discuss about extraterritorial principles in the application of competition law, talked about cross border anti competitive practices, international public law and cross border anti competitives practices, the EU Approach to extraterritorial application of competition rules, other development in EU extraterritorial application of competition rules, and issue international cooperation of competition law.

The second session discuss about WTO Dispute Settlement including the scope and procedures of WTO Dispute Settlement, Indonesian participation in WTO Dispute Settlement, indonesian cases, and looming crisis in WTO. The event closed with discussion session with the participants.

This 3 in 1 Lecture Program continued the next day, 3rd September 2019 with Prof. Hassan Qaqaya, the senior fellows Melbourne Law School, as the main speakers. The class was held in courtroom 1 6th floor of Building A Faculty of Law Brawijaya University.

The class divided into two session. The first session discuss regarding to US-China Trade Dispute from WTO Prespectives, started with material about free trade, tariff, quota and  protection for the third party. The second session is coaching clinique, discuss about choice of law on international trade, export, import, consumen protection law,  and e-commerce on international trade law.

In 4th September 2019, Prof. Hassan Qaqaya give a discussion Session on Coaching Clinique with international law student on the issues of International Trade and Economics Law. He divide the participants into three groups and give each of the group three question regarding to international trade issues.  And after each group presentation, the professor started discussion with the participants.

Thursday, 5th September 2019 the discussion started in room C.5.3 the 5th Floor of Building C Faculty of Law Brawijaya University with the guest Lecturer Prof. Hassan Qaqaya. The class discuss about cases and material on International Trade  Law including Global Value Change, issues regarding to GAFA, Bilateral Trade, Intelectual Property, Invesment and Services.

The 6th September 2019, the last day of 3 in 1 Lecture Program.  Prof. Hassan Qaqaya give a lecture about International Economic Law in Auditorium 6th Floor Building A, Faculty of law University of Brawijaya. The event was attended by 200 participant from student of International Economic Class. The event was close with discussion session and photo session with the participant.(AZL)