Training & Dissemination of PKM Proposal and Development of Student Achievement Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya

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Malang (27/5/2015) In order to enhance the creativity and achievements of the students, the student affairs faculty of law, univeristy of brawijaya held “Training & Dissemination of PKM Proposal and Development of Student Achievement”. The activity took place on Wednesday (27/5/2015) at the Auditorium Building A, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, Malang and was attended by dozens of students from various batches.

The event was opened with a speech by the Dean of FHUB, Mr. Rachmat Syafa’at, he advised to peer to peer students that writing is important, especially for academics, other than that, according to him writing is a platform to show our existence, “If we do not write, then if we die we will be buried along with all of our intelligence, by way of writing, then we can be known by all the works of our “He said.

The event then continued with the main material exposure, which is dissemination of PKM. The speaker are the lecturers who are experts in their field consisting of speakers of various faculties. The presenters explained about the tips and tricks PKM of various kinds, ranging from PKM P (Research), PKM K (Enterprise), and PKM M (Community Service). The speaker advised that indeed during this time that the majority of PKM which are being funded and goes to PIMNAS are Exact-type PKM of the field, but the student of social and humanities can still qualify as long as they can give good and creative ideas.

The range of activities then closed by the dissemination on development of student achievement, in the presentation, the speaker explained that there are a lot of national and international activities that can be followed by students. Presenters advised that students can actively participate in various national and international events.