FH UB Student’s Team Break In Final Paper Competition of UNHAS

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Students of the Faculty of Law endlessly rich carve achievements in the field of writing. This time one of UB’s Faculty of Law team was able to break  in PSP Paper Competition of Hasasuddin University. The team is Fitri Dwi Ratnasari, Launa Qisti, and Devika Beliani.

PSP paper competition is a paper competition in the national level which held by Hasanuddin University. The theme of this paper is “Caring Bahari with Common Sense: Effort-Based Capture Fisheries Sustainable Resource Management.” Through writing the title of By Catch Motions (Evaluation Monitoring System) Control-Based Economic Evaluation Model Blue By Special Police (PWP3K) the results-catch , they were finally allowed to present his work at the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University. (tan)