Team of Faculty of Law UB Got First Place in LKTII UNDIP

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PSIKnews – Semarang City Hall was crowded with the sounds of supporters supporting the finalists of Islamic Scientific Writing Contest (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Islam/ LKTII) Islamic Law Fair (ILF) UNDIP 2013 (16/11). The situation became more crowded when the name of the team of Faculty of Law UB mentioned as the first place of LKTII ILF 2013. Rohana Kudus Team (the name of the team of Faculty of Law UB), represented by Launa Qisti and friends, managed to put aside the other 7 finalists.

The other seven finalists were Agus Salim Team (UNS), Ahmad Dahlan (Perbanas), Buya Hamka (UNS), Hasyim Ashari (UNHAS), HOS Cokroaminoto (UNHAS), M. Natsir (UNS), and Cut Nyak Dien (UNS). LKTII event organized by the Islamic Study Group (Kelompok Studi Hukum Islam/ KSHI) Faculty of Law of Diponegoro University, it’s aimed to provide solutions related to some of the nation’s problems through Islamic Law approach. (alfa)