Law Faculty Basketball team have a Gold medal from Brawijaya Olympic

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Brawijaya Olympic  is one of the most prestigious annual competition held by the Ministry of Culture and Youth Student Council 2014. There was so many interests and diverse talents that are contested. One of them is basketball. Basketball is a sport that is most attractive to young audiences, it might because of the pattern of the game is exciting, as well as basketball is a game that requires teamwork.

Faculty of Law as one of the oldest faculty at Brawijaya University has shown it skills in the game of basketball. Dated October 3, 2014 yesterday after played game with the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Faculty of Law, won the championship and earn a gold medal with a score of 75-49 acquisition. This of course made the whole community in Faculty of Law became happy and exciting. With the acquisition of gold, then the Law contingent ranking increases.

Talking about preparation of basketball team, Ghani, as the official of the basketball team admitted that before the match, the team’s basketball practice intensively. “Usually we practice once in a week, but because there will be a match, then we train harder” said Ghani. Faculty of Law wish this victory will lead to other subquent victories. (ea)