Three Teams of Faculty of Law UB Became Finalist of LEF USU 2013

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PSIKnews – 3 from 8 finalists of LKTI Law Enforcement Fair (LEF) University of North Sumatera (Universitas Sumatera Utara/ USU) came from Faculty of Law UB. Those three were the team of Launa Qisti and fellows, Dinda Aisyah and fellows, and Zihan Shahayani and fellows. They will compete with other finalists, which are teams from Sebelas Maret University, Hasanuddin University, Indonesian Islamic University, and Andalas University.

LKTI LEF USU 2013, this time, carried the theme of “Revitalisasi Moral bagi Penegak Hukum di dalam Negara Republik Indonesia sebagai Perwujudan Supremasi Hukum”. The tittle of Launa Qisti team is “Rekonstruksi Sistem Komisi Kejaksaan Melalui “Perisai” Kelembagaan Dalam Mewujudkan Clean And Good Goverment”. While the team of Zihan  Shahayani choose the topic “Reformulasi Penegakan Integritas Hakim Agung Berbasis RDC System Sebagai Strategi Mewujudkan Good Law Enforcement Governance”. And Dinda Aisyah team took the material related to “Restrukturisasi Sistem Pendidikan Advokat Sebagai Upaya Untuk Mewujudkan Advokat Yang Berintegritas”.

The plan is, the three teams of Faculty of Law UB will leave for Medan, North Sumatra, to present their work on next Wednesday (4/12). Hopefully, all the three teams will uphold and promote the name of Faculty of Law UB in national level.