The Program of "Exploring Legal Culture 2015" at Leipzig University, Germany Had Been Held Successfully

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The Exploring Legal Culture (ELC) 2015 which is an annual program in Germany, was followed by a delegation from the Brawijaya University, the State University of Jakarta (UNJ), and Leipzig University. The delegation of Brawijaya consists of 4 lecturers, and 5 students, namely : Radhingga Dwi Setiana (2012); Annisa Lintang Hapsari (2013), Andi Marwah (2013), Adelia Rachmaniar (2012) and Aprilivan Partogi Tarihoran (2013).

The range of ELC activities in Germany which had been started since May 18, 2015 was having a very tight sechedule, consisting of: 1) Lectures activities; 2) Visits to various international institution such as Amnesty International and the Federal Administrative Court of Germany; 3) Working Groups of UB, UNJ, and Leipzig University students; 4) Worskhop on Teaching Methods for lecturers participants of ELC, and; 5) Research Scholarship program.

Four FH UB lecturers give lectures at Leipzig University, followed by German students and then students of Indonesia. Dr. M. Ali Safa’at, SH. MH. gave a lecture on ‘Introduction to the Indonesian Legal System’. Dr. Reka Dewantara, SH. MH. gave a lecture on ‘Introduction to Islamic Banking System and Banking Law in Indonesia‘. Afifah Kusumadara, SH. LLM. SJD. gave a lecture on “Some Issues of the Private International Law in Indonesia ‘. Nanda Saraswati, SH. MH. gave a lecture on ‘The Position of International Law in the Indonesian Legal System’.

In addition to giving lectures, Dr. Reka Dewantara, SH. MH. also follow the Research Scholarship program at Leipzig University for one month. Te results of his research have been presented in the last week during ELC activities in Leipzig University, on June 10, 2015.

The participants had gaining so many benefits in the 2015’s ELC. According to Radhingga, Working Groups activities with German students gave him many lessons about social life in Germany. While for Annisa, Marwah, Adelia and Partogi, they learned a lot from the German legal cultures that are very different from the culture of Indonesian law.

The ELC program will continue on the campus of Faculty of Law, UB in Malang next August, in which the Indonesian and German students will present their results during their Working Group. (Kr)