Celebration of the 61st Anniversary of Faculty of Law “Togetherness Achieving Qualified and Reputable Law Education”

Welcoming the 61st Anniversary July 1, 2018 Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FHUB) held a tasyakuran in Building C Lt. 10 attended by employees, lecturers, alumni, PKK, and pensioners. This event was held on the achievement of FH UB performance program during the period of 2017-2018 led by the Dean of FH UB. Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H., M.Si. (Dean of UB Faculty of Law) conveyed by reviewing the historical values ​​and performance achievements from year to year in FH UB, the development direction to realize the vision and mission of UB Faculty of Law starting from the level of human resources, Development, Research, and enhancement of cooperation both nationally and internationally . The 61st anniversary of the Dies Natalis was held on behalf of gratitude and blessings given to God Almighty. Furthermore, this celebration event continued with a series of sports-level and lecturer-level sports competitions starting on Monday, July 9, 2018 types of sports that followed: Volleyball, table tennis, badminton, etc. The hope of this organized sport can realize a sense of solidarity to always keep togetherness and harmony within the academic community FH UB. [FAH / PR]