Student Exchange Selection

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A total of 12 students of the Faculty of Law ,University of Brawijaya attend the interview selection of Student Exchange program that will be held at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, next August. This selection is a continuation of the administrative selection has been held previously. Those 12 students come from a variety of batches.

The Exchange Student Selection interview took place on Thursday (18/6/2015) in Conference Room 3 Building A, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya.  The panelist of Interview consists of three experts, namely: AAA Ananda Saraswati, SH, M. Hum, Dahlan, SH, M. Hum, and Ardi, SH, M. Hum

One  the panelist, Ananda Saraswati asking various questions regarding the preparation of students in joining the Student Exchange program, students also give different responses related to the question. One of the participants, Satria marwan (2013) says that he had prepared various matters relating to the preparation, such as health and English language skills, other participants, Krishna (2012) says that she is currently focused on improving the English language skills, “Because later on all activities we in Malaysia will be conducted with the English language, then good language skills is needed, apart from that, I have also learned a little bit related to the Malaysian culture, ” she explained.

The committee explained that from the total of 12 students who attend a series of selection will only be taken  3 (three) best who are entitled to be delegates of the Faculty of Law UB to join Student Exchange in University Kebangsaan Malaysia, which will be held late August to late September 2015. The announcement of those top 3 qualified students will be announced at the website