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Central Library of Brawijaya University on Wednesday (6/09/2017) held the event “ORBIS Socialization database from Beurau Van Dijk” in Meeting Room 3.3 Lt.6 Building A FH UB. Participants of this event were attended by Leadership & Staff of PDIH unit (Documentation Center of Legal Science), PSIK (Information & Public Relation System Operator), Law Arena, BLJ (Brawijaya Law Journal), and Journal Clinic Faculty of Law, UB. As the speaker of the event Samuil Almandrio, S.E.Ak. (Coordinator of Beurau Van Dijk Surabaya Area) provides guidance on the existence of new opportunities and provides training for participants to know the steps in the process of finding information data.

ORBIS is a worldwide provider of data platform that has been accredited in the field of education, banking, economics, politic science to collect and preserve the collection of intellectual data in 200 million companies of the world in digital form, so hope can be utilized for the benefit of research TA / PKL / Thesis / Thesis / Dissertation / Research report etc.

ORBIS planned to be upgraded in October 2017, in the application of data information is processed there are two categories: public company data for public companies, and private company confidential corporate data, while for the retrieval of this raw data will be done by the ownership of the parent data structurally while unstructured data is done manually list.

Relevance offered by ORBIS to the Faculty of Law, UB in addition to publishing journals or e-books that already exist are also useful in the field of search data analysis business civil law, and international law. [Fhm]