Bachelor of Law Study Program AUN-QA Assesment Socialization

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sosialisasi aun-qa (5)sosialisasi aun-qa

In order to prepare (Asean University Network – Quality Assurance) AUN-QA Assessment, Faculty of Law Brawijaya University held a socialization that is intended for all academicians, there are the Students, Faculty, Personnel, Alumni and Stakeholders. This event was held on Sunday, October 9, 2016. The speaker are Zairul Alam SH., MH., Nurdin, SH., MH and Arif  Zainudin SH.,MH., this event took place at 14.00 until 16.00. In the socialization the Dean of Law Faculty of Brawijaya University expressed his appreciation for the editorial team of Form AUN-QA because not too long from of BANPT accreditation of Bachelor of Law Study Program now have to finalize the international accreditation. That’s why, this socialization was held to build bridges of understanding of the difference between the perception of the preparation of the accreditation forms with faculty staff, students, alumni and stakeholders. (PR FH / Ylnd).

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