Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

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NoSOP Document NameUnits
1Document & Records ControlGJM
2Improper Product ControlGJM
3Corrective and Preventive ActionGJM
4Quality Internal Audit (AIM)GJM
5DPP/SPP Research SubmissionBPPM
6Institutional Research SubmissionBPPM
7Group Research SubmissionBPPM
8Counseling at RRIBPPM
9Appointment of Expert WitnessBKBH
10Consultation AppointmentBKBH
11Application for Case DegreeBKBH
12Litigation AssistanceBKBH
13Submission of Legal CounselBKBH
14Non-Litigation AssistanceBKBH
15Counseling in AgenciesBKBH
16Student Auditorium Room LoanGeneral Affairs and BMN
17Borrowing of Auditorium Space for UB FH International Students and General StudentsGeneral Affairs and BMN
18Loans for Student-only Moot Court RoomGeneral Affairs and BMN
19Student Classroom LoanGeneral Affairs and BMN
20Leasing Classrooms for UB FH International Students and General StudentsGeneral Affairs and BMN
21Student Special LoansGeneral Affairs and BMN
22Office Equipment RepairGeneral Affairs and BMN
23Maintenance of Facilities and EquipmentGeneral Affairs and BMN
24Procurement of goods and servicesGeneral Affairs and BMN
25Request for Goods and ServicesGeneral Affairs and BMN
26Office Stationery RequestGeneral Affairs and BMN
27BMN Codefication and Distribution NumberingGeneral Affairs and BMN
28FC Official FileGeneral Affairs and BMN
29Toga CollectionGeneral Affairs and BMN
30Security in the Faculty Area (Night-Morning Shift)General Affairs and BMN
31Security in the Faculty Area (Morning-Afternoon Shift)General Affairs and BMN
32Cleanliness in the Faculty AreaGeneral Affairs and BMN
33Garden Cleanliness in the Faculty AreaGeneral Affairs and BMN
34Generator OperationGeneral Affairs and BMN
35General Mail Receipt and DeliveryGeneral Affairs and BMN
36Reception and Delivery of Dean's Special LetterGeneral Affairs and BMN
37Outgoing Mail HandlingGeneral Affairs and BMN
38Issuance of AssignmentsGeneral Affairs and BMN
39Issuance of Dean's DecreeGeneral Affairs and BMN
40Dean's Special Incoming and Outgoing Mail FilingGeneral Affairs and BMN
41Request for official vehicle fuelGeneral Affairs and BMN
42Vehicle LoanGeneral Affairs and BMN
43Handling Loss in the Faculty AreaGeneral Affairs and BMN
44Handling Theft in the Faculty AreaGeneral Affairs and BMN
45Legalization of Diplomas and TranscriptsStudent Affairs
46Alumni Data RequestStudent Affairs
47Submission of Student Activity ProposalStudent Affairs
48Student Activity ReportStudent Affairs
49Election of MawapresStudent Affairs
50Ratification of BEM Management, LSO, Student AssociationStudent Affairs
51Submission of Activity Funds to outside partiesStudent Affairs
52Scholarship ApplicationStudent Affairs
53Implementation of Tracer StudyStudent Affairs
54Submission of Employee Card/Wife Card/Husband CardStaffing
55Study TasksStaffing
56Absence Recapitulation for Employee Incentive MealStaffing
57Civil Servant Retirement ApplicationStaffing
58PNS Satya Lancana AwardStaffing
59Model C/Family AllowanceStaffing
60Determining the Class of Education PersonnelStaffing
61Employee Employment ContractStaffing
62Promotion of Civil Servant Education PersonnelStaffing
63Promotion of Non-Civil Servant Education PersonnelStaffing
64Promotion of Non-Credit Score EducatorsStaffing
65Increase in the Rank and Position of Educators or LecturersStaffing
66Periodic Salary Increase for PNS Educators and Education PersonnelStaffing
67Periodic Salary Increases for Non-PNS Educators and Educational StaffStaffing
68Maternity LeaveStaffing
69Reactivation for Lecturers Who Have Completed Study TasksStaffing
70Making NIDN, NIDK, NUPStaffing
71Disbursement of Activity FundsFinance
72Student Activity Fund DisbursementFinance
73Official travel expensesFinance
74Submission of Shortage of SalaryFinance
75Meal Fee SubmissionFinance
76Payment Termination Certificate (SKPP)Finance
77Employee PayrollFinance
78Disbursement of Capital Expenditure Funds, Goods and ServicesFinance
79Cash Honorarium AwardFinance
80UP Fund ApplicationFinance
81GUP Fund ApplicationFinance
82Decrease in UKT S1Finance
83Receipt Data ReconFinance
84LS Fund ApplicationFinance
85LS-TGP Fund ApplicationFinance
86Accountability ReportFinance
87Textbook MakingDepartment
88Syllabi degreeDepartment
89Field Lecture SubmissionDepartment
90Guest Lecture SubmissionDepartment
91Seminar SubmissionDepartment
92Lecturer ArrangementDepartment
93Section DiscussionDepartment
94Journal PublishingArena Hukum
95Article AcceptanceArena Hukum
96Reviewer AppointmentArena Hukum
97Bestari Partner AppointmentArena Hukum
98Journal DistributionArena Hukum
99Journal Subscription ApplicationArena Hukum
100Journal PurchaseArena Hukum
101Editor AppointmentArena Hukum
102Journal/Article PublishingBLJ
103Holding Editorial Board MeetingsBLJ
104Reviewer AppointmentBLJ
105Member Registration (Student)PDIH
106Book BorrowingPDIH
107Book returnPDIH
108Liability Free ApplicationPDIH
109Book ProcurementPDIH
110Fine PaymentPDIH
111Book CopyPDIH
112Book RepairPDIH
113Lost Book ReplacementPDIH
114Final Project SubmissionPDIH
115Book ProcessingPDIH
116Book Loan ExtensionPDIH
117Copy of LiteraturePDIH
118User VisitPDIH
119Broken Book When ReturnedPDIH
120Member Registration (Staff and Lecturers)PDIH
121PDIH Membership DeactivationPDIH
122Student Journal UploadPSIK
123Handling of Electronic Equipment Damage ReportsPSIK
124Handling of Application Crash ReportsPSIK
125Complaint Handling via emailPSIK
126Handling Complaints via WAPSIK
127Organizing Computer Training for StudentsPSIK
128Organizing Computer Training for Lecturers and EmployeesPSIK
129Computer ExaminationPSIK
130Data RequestPSIK
131Uploading News on the FHUB WebsitePSIK
132Uploading of Activity Announcements on the FHUB WebsitePSIK
133Application to get CCTV footagePSIK
134Get a Plagiarism-Free SKPSIK
135Student Activity Report FilingPSIK