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The Socio Legal Master Class will be hosted by the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University in collaboration with the Strengthening Legal Education in Eastern Indonesia (SLEEI) and the Association of Indonesian Socio Legal Scholars/ASSLESI. The Class will be held on Monday, the 8th of November 2021. It encourages young scholars to mold their research and writing toward law-and-society topics relating to socio legal aspects, advances their knowledge and understanding of the field, and strives to build an intellectual community among them. It offers insights into key debates and analytical trends in the field, research methodologies, writing and publishing, and a valuable opportunity for the participants to receive feedback on their research projects and papers.

The participant of the Socio Legal Master Class is also encouraged to prepare a paper for presentation at the next SOCIO-LEGAL Joint Conferences: “Resilience in the Time of Crisis: Justice, Access, and Participation” that will be held on the 10th to 11th of November 2021.

  • Objectives
  1. To produce more legal scholars with good legal skills and knowledge in legal research method who can analysis, monitor, and support the development of the Rule of Law in Indonesia
  2. To lead the legal scholar who do not only master in the content of the law but also interdisciplinary legal research.
  3. To assist the prospective doctoral students having an interest in social legal studies to formulate appropriate research questions and methods.
  • Targeted Participants
  1. PhD students who write a dissertation based on socio-legal research.
  2. Legal lecturers who use socio-legal perspectives in their teaching.
  3. Participants from Eastern Indonesia will be prioritized.
  4. Junior or mid-career level lecturers.
  5. Female participants are encouraged to apply.
  • Method and Benefits
  1. All participants have to send a draft of research proposal in Bahasa Indonesia or English to https://forms.gle/31AmuGTuQtnzspc98
  2. Proposals have to be written in accordance with the author guideline that can be download at: Proposal Layout in English, Proposal Layout in Bahasa
  3. The committee will choose 50 best proposals that will be included at the Socio Legal Master Class.
  4. All selected proposals will be reviewed by experts.
  5. Participants will have a chance to present their proposal and attend a coaching clinic with experts.
  • Our Experts
  1. Professor Melissa Crouch
  2. Ir. Jacqueline Vel
  3. Professor Sulistyowati Irianto
  4. Imam Koeswahyono
  5. Stijn Van Huis
  6. Fachrizal Afandi
  7. Theresia Dyah Wirastri, Ph.D.
  8. Ricardo Simarmata
  9. Milda Istiqomah, PhD
  10. Lena Hanifah, PhD
  11. Herlambang Wiratman
  12. Dian Rositawati
  13. Yance Arizona, S.H., M.H., M.A.
  • Important Dates
Agenda Date
Proposal Submission 27 October 2021
Decision Outcomes 1 November 2021
Presentation and Coaching Clinic 8 November 2021


  • Tentative Schedule
Time Agenda Person in Charge
08.00-08.30 Registration Committee
08.30-09.00 Opening Ceremony Committee
09.00-11.30 Introduction to Socio Legal Research and Theories Professor Melissa Crouch (Faculty of Law, UNSW)


11.30-12.30 Break  
12.30-15.00 Coaching Clinic with the Association of Indonesian Socio-legal Studies (Asosiasi Studi Sosio Legal Indonesia/Asslesi)
  1. Prof Sulistyowati Irianto
  2. Dr Fachrizal Afandi
  3. Dr Theresia Dyah W
  4. Dr Ricardo Simarmata
  5. Milda Istiqomah, PhD
  6. Lena Hanifah, PhD
  7. Dr Herlambang W
  8. Dr Dian Rositawati
  9. Dr Stijn Van Huis
  10. Dr Imam Koeswahyono
15.00-15.30 Break  
15.30-17.30 Legal Education in Indonesia (a Socio Legal Approach)
  1. Dr. Ir. Jacqueline Vel (Leiden Law School)
  2. Yance Arizona, S.H., M.H., M.A. (Leiden Law School)
17.30-18.00 Announcement and closing Committee

Note: All session will be conducted virtual by Zoom Meeting.

  • Organizing Committee
Chairperson : Prischa Listiningrum, S.H., LL.M.,
Secretary :
  1. Yasniar Rachmawati, SH., MH
  2. Cyndiarnis, S.H., M.Kn.
Treasurer :
  1. Rumi Suwardiyati, SH., M.Kn.
  2. Fatmamia Putri Megawati, S.E.
Event Division Team :
  1. Fransiska Susanto, SH, LLM.
  2. Dr Fachrizal Afandi, S.Psi., S.H., M.H
  3. Milda Istiqomah, SH., MTCP., PhD
  4. Shanti Riskawati, SH, MKn
  5. Diah Pawestri Maharani, SH MH
  6. AAA Nanda Saraswati, S.H., M.H
  7. Fines Fatimah, SH MH
  8. Galieh Damayanti, SH MH
  9. Zora Febriena Dwithia H.P., S.H., M.Kn
Administrative Division :
  1. Belinda Faradewi
  2. Dwi Ariningsih
  3. Roy Rizky
  4. Riva Nuariska
Design and Host Division :
  1. Ranitya Ganindha, SH, MH
  2. Afrizal Mukti Wibowo, SH, MH
  3. Yolanda Kumalasari