DPH Controlling Seminar of DPM Control, Faculty of Law, UB

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Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya held a supervisory seminar which held the theme of “Implementation of Legislative Institution’s Function of Supervision to Executive Institution” on 10th October 2017 which is held in Auditorium room 6th floor of A Building of Law Faculty Universitas Brawijaya. The form of this activity is a seminar and question and answer and at the end of the event, this event was spearheaded by DPM FH UB who presented the speakers from the People’s Representative Council of Malang City: Dr. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban, SS., SST. Par., MM and also from Malang Corruption Watch Coordinator: M. Fahrudin Andriansyah, S.H. while also attended by students of Law Faculty and also Student Representative Council of Brawijaya University of Malang.

In this seminar Dr. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban, SS., SST. Par., MM as a resource person expressed his appreciation to the committee and law faculty students about the selection of the theme which is now very much in need of attention by the community, especially students. Mrs. Nanda’s nickname of Dr. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban, SS., SST. Par., MM said that corruption now has become a trend or culture for the representatives of the people and even society, this is due to the expensive dowry to be in the political world that resulted in our representatives or political members vying to be able to return capital / dowry which they have expended to be in the political world even the fact not only return the capital they have spent but instead seek to profit as much as possible in the world of politics by way of corruption, but not only because of the large capital / dowry that makes the representatives of our people vying for corruption but the greedy nature that dominates it the most. Therefore we as a society must control the course of government by equipping ourselves with political knowledge so that we can prevent corruption and not continuously memeberantas, because it is better to prevent corruption than to eradicate it.

Fahrudin Andriansyah, S.H. as Coordinator of Malang Corruption Watch said that corruption is a habit rather than a culture, because corruption is a cultural bacillus that must be destroyed. Today our DPRD and House of Representatives are just a headless body, because they only think of money for themselves without any positive idea for the country, and strangely again the current policy of government policy seems to support the perpetrators of corruption.
We must guard this government because the executive and legislative members are our agents, community agents. We must inspire ourselves so that we do not commit corruption. [Fjr / Public Relation]