“Airspace Law” National Seminar Attracting a lot of number of Participants in Law Faculty

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017, The National Seminar organized by the International Law Department of UB’s Faculty of Law attracted a lot of participants’ enthusiasm, it can be seen from the number of participants who filled the Auditorium of Building A. With the theme that is carried out, “State Sovereignty in Air Space, Legal, Economic and Security Perspective” this, which was formed in a panel of discussions in which was attended by various experts.

The seminar was attended by various scholar level at Faculty of Law Brawijaya University, starting from the students of S1, S2, S3, even till lecturers from this faculty itself. It is undeniable that this activity attracts a lot of attention because the speaker is from all the elements involved in the issue of state sovereignty in this airspace. Where there were elements of the Indonesian National Army Air Force (TNI AU), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and from Academics.

The discussion panel was firstly opened by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which explicitly explained the policies undertaken by the foreign ministry in an effort to safeguard Indonesian sovereignty in the air space. It then continues with the Ministry of Communications’s point of view explaining more technical government policies in its implementation within the air transportation passage. Afterwards, from the security aspect and custody of the TNI AU, Colonel PNB Supri Abu, which is certainly closer to the reality that is in the effort to maintain the sovereignty of our country.

This seminar, also completed with the analysis of two academics who are involved in Air Law, namely Atip Latifulhayat, SH, LLM., PhD (Padjajaran University) and Dr. Adi Kusumaningrum, SH., MH (Universitas Brawijaya).  Firstly, Dr. Atip describes a dilemma in the enforcement of state sovereignty, which is between Protection and Security. Then proceed with Dr. Adi who gives a perspective of how between when the interests of security in the face of economic interests, which is certainly a challenge for the state of Indonesia, which will be a priority and how to keep them aligned in order to realize a complete sovereign Indonesia. [afd / humas]