Seminar Diaspora and Dynamics Citizenship in Indonesia: We Diaspora, but Our Hearts Remain the Red-White

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Brawijaya University, Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Indonesian Diaspora Diaspora Network conducted seminars and Dynamics of Citizenship in Indonesia. The seminar was held in Building A 6th floor on Thursday, November 13th, 2014. The seminar was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya Dr. Sihabuddin, S.H., M.H.With speaker Dr. Iman Santoso SH. MH. MA. who delivered her lecture entitled Diaspora, International Migration and Citizenship doubles, and Muktiono SH. M.Phil refers to the notion of governance pro Diaspora in the state Administrative Law Perspective. and Dr. Iwan Permadi, and moderated by Herman Suryokumoro SH. MS. And Present Ladies of East Java Immigration Agency.

Diaspora is emigrants and their descendants living in his native country Affairs, either temporarily or permanently. But still maintain emotional and material relationship with the country of origin. (Gabriel Sheffer 1986). Diaspora categorized Wedding, sowing, transplanting, layering, pollinating.

In the present condition of citizenship law in Indonesia that has not accommodate and there is not enough space in the Indonesian legislation to incorporate and create laws Diaspora Indonesia. it is necessary to produce a thought regulations on Indonesian diaspora.

Good response from the Indonesian diaspora as it has been present, namely Glen Pieter, and Indah Morgan of citizens who have become foreigners Australia. Glen Pieter is the Diaspora representatives of the Netherlands, he was still in love with Indonesia. He was born in Malang and have business in Indonesia. besides Indah Morgan switching Australian citizenship due to lack of regulations clearly state of Indonesian Diaspora resulting in him having to switch nationality. so they want to be able to fight for Indonesian citizenship status still has, they are so in love with Indonesia and would still like to have the status of its citizens. so unfortunate if Indonesian citizens abroad should lose the status of nationality. due to Indonesian citizens who work abroad have had the assets to be brought into Indonesia but Indonesian law has not recognized the status of citizenship. in addition, other countries it still recognizes citizenship status of its citizens because they also will contribute to the country.

Of this Diaspora Seminar, concluded need to be set in advance definition Indonesian Diaspora legally, need to be specified anyone who fall into the category of Indonesian Diaspora, Diaspora Indonesian citizenship difficult problems included in the Indonesian citizenship law, order established Law Indonesian diaspora, the first step to accommodate the wishes diaspora Indonesia, give immigration facility. (tan)