Opening new students 2018 PK2MABA of law faculty, UB

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[Malang, August 15, 2018] Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) welcomes 672 New Students (MABA) 2018 The Faculty of Law’s Bachelor of Law program at UB Faculty of Law is located in Building B UB Faculty of Law. This activity was opened by singing Indonesia Raya, Mars FH UB, and Garuda Pancasila. This year UB Faculty of Law welcomes MABA with the slogan CANDRADIMUKA 2018.previewCandradimuka is taken from the name of the crater where Gatotkaca learned martial arts and mysticism, which is a place where we can gain knowledge as well as a place to process, meaning that the slogan Candradimuka 2018 is a home of struggle for justice.

The logo above describes a:

  1. The head is facing up to the meaning, how can we pursue the highest ideals.
  2. The wings are similar to the texture of the scales meaning, a legal symbol that means justice.
  3. The body is shaped like a sword, meaning as a symbol that the law can solve all things.

Overall, logos like the eagle are the symbol of the beloved Republic of Indonesia.

Then, the next activity was a speech from the Monitor & Evaluation coordinator (MONEV) by Br. Syafiq Ramdani, as a representative of the UB FH committee whose task is to monitor, supervise, and evaluate each activity in terms of the committee and its implementation system until the end of the entire PK2MABA program, namely the night of inauguration.

then, a speech from the President of BEM FH UB by Br. M. Ifani Juhan from Steering Comitte BEM FH UB to encourage and motivate MABA FH UB 2018 as an Agent of Change as a driving agent for change to solve problems and problems experienced by the nation, echoing the slogan “Unified Law cannot be Defeated” and at the end he said deliver “proceed at FH because the process will not betray the results” and then the Opening Message from the Chief Executive Mr. Syahrul Sajidin, SH, MH

In the mid-session session, airing footage of FH UB’s video profile, then a speech from the Dean of UB’s Faculty of Law Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H., M.Sc. he said “UB’s Chancellor said that UB is among the 10 best state universities (PTN) in Indonesia, its graduates are proud of both national and international levels, there are so many achievements that have been achieved by the Faculty of Law, graduates of UB’s Faculty of Law produce the best graduates Most of them are chairmen of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, and several other state high law institutions. UB is one of the PTN which is included in the most favorite category in Indonesia, which enrolls in around 285,000 prospective students who choose FH around 102,000 prospective students. received in UB around 741 prospective students, who re-enrolled about 647 students and some transfers, so that the total received in FH is 672 students from 102,000 prospective students who choose in FH UB, by seeing the number of students enrolling in FH UB, students hope as many as 672 students have been thankful, with enthusiasm alone is not enough , the future vision of UB Faculty of Law can be a leading international standard by producing graduates with high academic value, and able to maintain a GPA not below 3 point, “he concluded.