Center for Brawijaya University Civilization Study Held Focus Group Discussion of Batu Mulia Nusantara

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Brawijaya University Civilization Study Center (PSP UB) has held “Focus Group Discussion Forum Batu Mulia Nusantara Communication Forum” on November 16, 2017 at Auditorium of 6th floor of Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya. In addition to the FGD, there is also “The Noble Stone Exhibition and Keris of the Kingdom of Singhasari and Majapahit”. The theme that will be lifted in this activity is “Geliat Batu Mulia Nusantara Beginning from Singhasari Noble and Majapahit Glory” This event presents leading speakers in the field, such as Agus Hendratno from Geological Engineering Department of FT, UGM, Nanang Rachmat Zakaria from Garuda Khatulistiwa Malang, Eka Maulana, S.T, M.T., M.Eng. from UB Electrical Lecturer, and others. In the event, this event was welcomed by the Chairman of Dr. Civilization Study Center. Moh. Fadli, S.H., M.Hum., Vice Dean 1 Dr. Prija Djatmika, S.H., M.S., and head of LPPM in research. Sugiyono, he conveyed this year that he has done cooperation by UB Rector with the Mayor of Malang about the use of natural stone for drinking cups involving various majors such as engineering, social and medical faculty, so that there is a touch of technology that can function as research grant and accommodate Batu Mulia research. This precious stone is very precious. In the era of empire and empire first stone became the medium of communication of civilization and even a tool of legitimacy. This source of natural wealth must be preserved and conserved to preserve the sovereignty of mineralogical natural resources.

Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Kusmantoro said, “The existence of precious stones in Indonesia is still underestimated.The people have not realized the importance of precious stones, whereas in other countries such as Britain, Germany and other developed countries, precious stones are widely researched, booked, and made museums. this can be implemented as a function and usefulness that is, as a jewelry tool, and industry “he said. So precious stones are supernatural powers used as crown jewelry that is often used by the kingdom, the greatest wealth in Indonesia which is in use by the kingdom in the archipelago as in Java, Yogyakarta, Kalimantan, Aceh, Sumatra, Sulawesi, NTB and others.

Indonesia’s natural wealth is remarkable. He and the UB Civilization Study Center team have been researching from Banyuwangi to Cikotok. Where mine-producing areas are widely used by foreign companies.

“The rocks that are considered to be unworthy in this country are certified in the country of people and the price is so manyfold.If we can maximize the potential and lift the image of precious stones as a strategy to retain the sovereignty of Indonesia’s natural resources, I am optimistic in the future will boast this country , “Fadli said.

“UB is committed to continue to develop mineralogy and metallurgical research because it is a nation’s asset, in the future will be opened Mineralogy and Metallurgy course, but will start with Interest Program to improve the academician’s role in the field of mineralogy and metallurgy, because the academic who pioneered the research of precious stone still very little, “explained the rector.

On this occasion, UB received a noble stone grant from the archipelago of Garuda Khatulistiwa community of one ton. The rocks are from all corners of Indonesia and is a symbol of the embryo of Batu Mulia Nusantara Museum UB and the Lembaga Batu Luas Mulia UB. [FHM / Humas]