Graduation (DIH – Jakarta)


Graduate Students are the students who already passed at least 52 credits ( 24 credits of structured-lectures activities and 28 credits of individual dissertation arrangement activities) and the students GPA reached at least 3,00 without grade C.

Journal article draft in English that has been tested should be given to the Head of PSIK of Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, to be uploaded into e-journal student.

Graduation Predicate

Doctor title is given to the doctor candidate (promovendus) which stated passed in Final Dissertation Test. The criteria of doctoral graduation as follows:

a.  Passed with the predicate “Dengan Pujian”:

  1. The minimal GPA is 3,75 without grade C.
  2. The maximal study period is 8 (eight) semesters.
  3. Grade dissertation A.
  4. Have been published the results dissertation research more than one article title in international journal (with the proof of article receiving letter to publish in international journal).

b.   Passed with the predicate “Sangat Memuaskan”:

  1. The GPA of 3,50 – 3,74
  2. The minimum GPA of 3,75 but not meet the requirement to receive the predicate of “Dengan Pujian”.

c. Passed with the predicate “Memuaskan” if having the GPA of 3,00 – 3,49.