Yudicium/Graduation (MIH)


Graduation Requirement

Students declared to have graduated from the Master of Law Program if they meet the following graduation requirements, which are:

  1. Passed the thesis examinaton
  2. Passed with minimum of 40 credits with minimum GPA of 2,75, the score of C maximum 6 courses and no  score of D.
  3. The minimum score of IB TOEFL is 500.
  4. The minimum score of TPA is 400.

Graduation Predicate

Graduation predicate determined as follows:

  1. DENGAN PUJIAN (WITH COMPLIMENT) if the students got 3,71-4,00 of GPA, without C score, the longest study period of 4 years, A score thesis test, and already published an article from their thesis in a journal which is accredited or already accepted and stated will be published in an accredited journal.
  2. SANGAT MEMUASKAN (VERY SATISFYING) if the students got 3,41-3,70 of GPA or 3,71-4,00 but does not meet one of the criterias on the previous point.
  3. MEMUASKAN (SATISFYING) if the students got 2,75-3,40 of GPA.