Bachelor of Law


Bachelor of Law

Vision of Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya is to be the preminent Law Faculty with International standard to create graduates with academic and professional competence, humanist, ethical, and religious. While Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya aims to create Law graduates with competence of understanding principles of law, a dogma of law, and basic skill of law dogmatic research, implementing the principles and dogmatic of law in handling legal problem professionally, act and behave humane, ethical, and religious.

To reach those vision and goals, Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya execute qualified education management according to the standard that has established by the government. It is proven by the success of Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya in reaching accreditation assessment with grade A qualification respectively for four times since 1998 until 2020 based on the decree of National Accreditation Body of Universities, No. 1151/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XI/2015.