Pusat Dokumentasi dan Ilmu Hukum (PDIH)

The main characteristic of the new era (21st century) is the development of informatics technology. The expert individual or institution in creating and accessing and utilizing information is the one who get the opportunity to grow now and in the future. It is included University Institution. This is the reason Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya Malang through “Center of Documentation & Information of Law (PDIH) “starts self-improving such as  restructuring, refunctionalization and reorientation for the future. Why such trust should be started from PDIH in its expression? It is because PDIH is the heart of Faculty of Law, which is expected to be able to accelerate and articulate the documentation program of Faculty of Law and able to access various information of legal development that grow rapidly. In times, PDIH becomes one of the prestigious documentation center and information spreading center among Indonesian Universities.


Vision :

Establishment of professional, transparent, fast, secure, and beneficial network of Documentation and Information of Law.

Mission :

  • Documentation of all activities of the academic community of Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya that support Tri Darma of Higher Education.
  • Access and spread information on the development and growth of law development by, from, and for the academic community of Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya.
  • Provide the product of documentation and information that support the process of teaching and learning in Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya.


  • Fields of Publication, including:
  1. Documentation & its facilities service room
  2. 12 units of computers of online journal / digital library
  3. Encyclopedia
  4. Engelbrecht
  5. Dictionary,
  6. Law Regulations
  7. Regional Drafts
  8. Mixed regulations
  9. Subscriptions of journal, magazines, newspaper.

10.  Photo Copy machine

  • Fields of Information (Sub Service of Library), covering :
  1. 1 library and its facilities service room
  2. Indonesian Book/literature : ±  2.768 titles, 8.255 exp.
  3. Foreign Book/literature : ±  314 titles, 635 exp.


Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday – Sunday
Morning 07.30 – 11.30 07.30 – 11.00 08.00 – 11.30
Afternoon 13.00 – 15.30 13.00 – 16.00
Staff of PDIH
Head : M. Zairul Alam, SH., MH.
Staffs : Luluk Farida, SH
Mar’atun Sholikhah, A. Md.
Erik Christiyanto, S.E