Computer Laboratory


Computer Laboratory

Law Faculty of UB provides Computer Laboratory facility, aimed at improving the skills of students, lecturers and staff in the use of computer. The Computer Laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of Building A of Law Faculty of UB. This laboratory contains 25 computers, each connected to the Internet. LCD projector is mounted to support teaching and learning activities in the Computer Laboratory.

Vission and Mission


“To be a Computer Laboratory which can support the development of science and technology and become a supporting unit for students activities, lecturers, or the staffs.”


  1. Conducting computer training, both regular and non-regular.
  2. Provide computer facilities for other units in need.
  3. Develop expertise and skills in the field of computers for personnel involved in the Computer Laboratory.

Motto of Services

Better Skill for Better Future

Intimation Service
The management of computer laboratory is under the PSIK.

Laboratorium Komputer
Lantai 3 Gedung A FH UB
No. Tlp 0341 553 898 ext. 126