English Laboratory


English Laboratory

English Laboratory was established in 2006 when Law Faculty achieved the A2 Competition Grant. Thus the expenses on the laboratory establishment taken from the Grant and IOM donation. There are 32 booths in English Laboratory and 1 unit of teacher console. Since then the Laboratory provides good services on courses and TOEFL-like test request for the stakeholders in Law Faculty. As it requires that students of Law Faculty have to get TOEFL-like certificate before their proposal seminar, thus they have to take the test in this Laboratory. Besides, on the beginning of the academic year, freshman must take the TOEFL-like test in English Laboratory. Teachers are English extraordinary lecturers either from Law Faculty or English lecturers from Cultural Science Faculty.

Lab Bahasa

Produce Law Faculty graduates who are sufficient on communicating in English.


  1. To serve/ held English course to develop communication ability in English.
  2. To serve/ held ability test in English to improve the graduates so they will be able to compete in any job field.


To help the fluency of students’ studies related to the mastery in English, particularly the the successful achievement of TOEFL scores which is required.

Main Task and Function

  1. To held TOEFL course periodically (March and November).
  2. To give guidance for the students who are going to join any activity or competition related to English (such as Phillip Jessup).
  3. To held TOEFL-like test according to students’ request.

Management Review

To develop in order to improve the function of the laboratory, there are some activities related to the service process:

  1. Regular meetings at the beginning of the course to determine the materials and schedule of courses and tests;
  2. Participating in TOEIC Propell training held by ITS, an institution that organizes TOEIC (2013);
  3. Participating in TOEFL training organizes by English Laboratory of Cultural Science Faculty (2012);
  4. Participating in Blended Learning (2013).

Language Laboratory Functionaries

Coordinator   : Dra Ismaritha Ida R, MPd
Staff   : Endah Setyowati
Lectures : Ulfa Qorinantin, SS
Eka Wulandari, SS, MH
Esti Juniningsih, SS, M.Pd