Internet Access

In the college building, there are wifis (access point) to completes the lecture facilities contained in each floor. The wifi (access point) at the college building is expected to be used to the maximum by the students. In addition to some points of the wifi, the college building also provides wifi corner for the students which is expected to give a convenience to the students while using the internet access at the college building. Here are the picture of the results of the wifi installation in the college building and 2nd floor of A Building:

gazebo selatan depan mushola
Gazebo selatan depan moshola
depan ukm FHUB
Depan UKM 
puntu utama gedung B
Dekat Pintu Utama  / gazebo depan
lantai 1 gd B
Lantai 1 Gedung Kuliah
lantai 2 gd B
Lantai 2 Gedung Kuliah
lantai 3 gedung b
Lantai 3 Gedung Kuliah 

Wifi Corner

Wifi corner is dedicated to students in accessing wifi facility to support the lectures.


wifi corner
Wifi Corner

wifi corner2
Wifi Corner