Vision, Mission, and Goals


To become a pioneering and reforming Faculty of Law with an international reputation that supports the realization of a just National Legal System.


  1. Organizing Higher Legal Education with international standards international standards that produce graduates who are faithful and devoted to God Almighty, and have noble morals and character, are independent, and professional, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Carrying out the role as an agent of developers and reformers of just legal science based on divine values, humanity, and noble wisdom.
  3. Organizing higher legal education governance that superior, equitable, and sustainable.


  1. Generating competence law graduates.
  2. Understanding the principles of law, legal dogmatic, and have basic skills in legal research dogmatic.
  3. Applying the legal principles and dogmatic in dealing with legal issues in a professional manner.
  4. To act and behave humanist, ethical, and religious.

Motto of Law Faculty
Serve with heart