Faculty Officials




Dr. Muchamad Ali Safa'at, S.H., M.H.

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Siti Hamidah, S.H., M.M.

Vide Dean of General Affairs and Finance

Dr. Aan Eko Widiarto, S.H. M.Hum.

Vice Dean of Student Affairs and Alumnae

Dr. Setiawan Noerdayasakti, S.H., M.H.

Chair of The Faculty Senate

Prof. Dr. A. Rachmad Budiono, S.H., M.H.

Secretary of The Faculty Senate

Herlin Wijayati, S.H., M.H.

Head of Law Major

Dr. Sukarmi , S.H., M.Hum.

Secretary of Law Major

Dr. Reka Dewantara, S.H., M.H.

Head of Administrative Law Compartment

Dr. Muktiono, S.H., M.Phil.

Head of Constitutional Law Compartment

Dr. Indah Dwi Qurbani, S.H., M.H.

Head of International Law Compartment

Dr. Patricia Audrey Ruslijanto, S.H., M.Kn.

Head of Civil Law Compartment

Dr. Djumikasih, S.H., M.H.

Head of Economic and Business Law Compartment

Moch. Zairul Alam, S.H., M.H.

Head of Agrarian and Natural Resources Law Law Compartment

Setiawan Wicaksono, S.H., M.H.

Head of Criminal Law Compartment

Eny Harjati, S.H., M.Hum.

Head of Islamic Law Compartment

Dr. Nur Chanifah, S.Pdi., M.Pd.I.

Head of Doctorate of Law Study Program

Dr. Budi Santoso, S.H., LL.M.

Head of Doctorate of Law Study Program Jakarta

Dr. Nurini Aprilianda S.H., M.Hum.

Head of Master of Law Study Program

Dhiana Puspita Wati, SH., LLM., PhD.

Head of Master of Notary Study Program

Dr. Hanif Nur Widhiyanti, S.H., M.Hum.

Head of Bachelor of Law Study Program

Milda Istiqomah, S.H., MTCP., PhD.

Head of Journal Management Agency

Dr. Dewi Cahyandari, S.H., M.H.

Head of Arena Hukum

Dr. Faizin Sulistyo, S.H., LL.M.

Head of Brawijaya Law Journal

Fransiska Ayulistya S., S.H., LL.M.

Head of jurnal Warkat

Zora Febriena Dwithia H. P., S.H., M.Kn.

Head of Brawijaya Law Student Journal

Mufatikhatul Farikhah, S.H., M.H.

Head of Klinik Jurnal

Dr. Dewi Cahyandari, S.H., M.H.

Head of BPPM

Afifah Kusumadara, S.H., LL.M., SJD.

Secretary of BPPM

Yasniar Rachmawati, S.H., M.H.

Head of Research

Dr. Herlindah, S.H., M.Kn.

Head of Community Services

Dony Aditya Prasetyo, S.H., M.H.

Head of Collaboration

Rika Kurniaty, S.H., M.A., PhD.

Head of BKBH

Dr. Yenny Eta Widyanti, S.H., M.Hum.

Secretary of BKBH

Rumi Suwardiyati, S.H., M.Kn.

Head of GJM

Dr. Sihabudin, S.H., M.H.

Secreatry of GJM

Ladito Risang B., S.H., M.H.

Head of Law Laboratory

Dr. Adi Kusumaningrum, S.H., M.H.

Head of Computer Laboratory and PSIK

Ranitya Ganindha, S.H., M.H.

Head of PDIH

Fachrizal Afandi, S.Psi., S.H., M.H., Ph.D.

Coordinator of Administrative

Silvy Norvina Aznam, S.Sos,. M.AB.

Sub-Coordinator for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni Subdivision

Supardi, S.Kom.

Sub-Coordinator of Finance and Personnel Subdivision

Nurfitriani, S.P.

Sub-Coordinator of General Affairs and State Property Subdivision

Amin Muchsinin, S.AP.