General Election in Brawijaya University

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In 2014 assessed the public as a political year. It called like that because this year’s general election for president and vice president will be held, following the election of the House of Representatives as well. Brawijaya University as an entreprenuer campus is also doing its democratic party since the beginning of February and ends on 18 March next.

The rector candidates who have fullfil the requirements and early state selection is Mohammad Bisri., Prof.. Dr.. Ir. MS., Nuhfil Hanani AR., Prof.. Dr.. Ir. MS., And Bambang Suharto., Prof.. Dr.. Ir. MS. All candidate for rector with the quality and specialization of each expected to carry out the mandate to be the number 1 in the Brawijaya later.

The rector election process will end on March 18th, 2014 with attended by the Minister or a representative in Widyaloka. We hope whoever becomes rector later, can become a leader who is honest and trustworthy. (ea)