Law Faculty Presents: Dinamika Perkembangan Hukum

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PSIKnews – Jurisprudence as science and practical science is precisely dimmed in spite of the high number of regulations passed as law. And although so, jurisprudence practice is also apprehensive as corruption, collusion, nepotism, narcotics trade, firearm trade and dispute politicization are heavily occurred.

The important question is the role of jurisprudence experts. Where are the jurisprudence experts? Why can’t they force the law? Is there anything wrong with the practice of jurisprudence? Those questions arise will be answered in a book titled Dinamika Perkembangan Hukum : Dari Kampus Untuk Masyarakat. The 284-paged book was publicized by IntransMedia provides interesting articles regarding the civil law.

The book’s contributors are without question the civil law practitioners. Some of the contributors are Warqum Sumitro (membumikan pendekatan maqosyiduh syari’ah dalam mewujudkan reformulasi hukum islam yang transformatif), M. Bakrie (pengakuan semu hak ulayat dalam hukum agrarian nasional) and A. Rahmad Budiono (perselisihan hubungan industrial). The release of the book is expected to give solutions in middle of the dim of jurisprudence in Indonesia, mainly in the field of civil law. (alfa)