Community Service

Community Service Activities is one of the components that must be fulfilled as an embodiment of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The implementation of PKM realizes a goal that what is done in the community can be brought and applied. An academic is also expected to provide real benefits in society. The implementation of PKM programs at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya is divided into individual service, as well as institutional management.

Types of Community Service activities :

The Community Empowerment Program, which was formerly known as the Real Work Lecture (KKN), but along with the needs and curriculum, the name of KKN was changed. The outputs produced by KKN are the result of physical development. The output produced by PPM is how students who do PPM are able to empower the community to become a law-conscious society. In addition, the results of the PPM can be in the form of legal products as needed by the community. PPM is a routine activity that is carried out every year. This activity is carried out as a collaborative collaboration between lecturers and students. Initially, PPM was a compulsory subject for the Legal Studies Program together with Field Work Lectures (KKL) and Internships. Students are required to take one of the three courses.

Legal counseling is an activity of disseminating legal information and understanding of legal norms and applicable laws and regulations, as well as developing the quality of counseling in order to realize and develop public legal awareness so as to create a legal culture in the form of an orderly and obedient to legal norms and laws and regulations. applies to upholding the rule of law. Legal counseling is not only carried out by legal instructors but can also be carried out by other people who have the knowledge and ability to convey legal information.

There are two ways of legal counseling that can be done. Lecturers can conduct legal counseling individually or openly.

  1. Individual Legal Counseling
    Individual legal counseling is conducted on behalf of individual lecturers. Doses who conduct individual legal counseling are allowed to conduct legal counseling at locations chosen by themselves or locations determined by architecture. Locations that can be used for legal counseling must obtain prior approval from the head of BPPM. Individual legal counseling can also be done through electronic media that has collaborated with the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya, for example, Legal Counseling through Radio Republik Indonesia.
  2. Legal Counseling Group
    Group legal counseling is conducted online by lecturers. The members of the group in question are expected to consist of lecturers from the same science. The theme of the extension must be in accordance with the field of the scientific group and in accordance with the needs of the community at the location of the extension.

The fostered village is a community program with the target location of a development village that meets the criteria to become a fostered village. The fostered village is the right and strategic choice for the sake of national development. This program is believed to have a positive impact, namely fostering human resources in rural areas with an educational approach.
The existence of the assisted villages is expected to provide good benefits for the location of the assisted villages themselves. Law Brawijaya University carries out various work programs to build the village into a village that is aware of the law and even provides legal products such as village regulations. The existence of the assisted village program is expected to be able to become a real collaboration between the Faculty of Law and the village used as the target village.