The Center of Development


Currently there are 12 Development Centers in Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, which are still active to do the studies, where each of them has a different focus of study. Those institutions have cooperated with national and foreign Government’s Institutions and NGOs. The Development Centers in Law Faculty Universitas Brawijaya are:

1 The Center of Regional Autonomy Development (PP Otoda) Ngesti D. Prasetyo, SH., MH This institution does research, education and training, consultancy, and policy advocacy in the context of administering local government.
2 The Center of Labor and Manpowership Laws Development Budi Santoso, SH., LL.M To give labor advocacy and to do law study of labor related to the issues of industrial
3 The Center of Intellectual Property Rights Development (PP HaKI) To give consultancy related to the submission of HaKI related to the invention of Science and Technology. Besides, it also does the study to the law development of HaKI national and internationally.
4 The Center of Agrarian  Laws Development (PPHA) Imam Koeswahyono, SH., MS This institution is commitment to fight for agrarian, for the prosperity of the nation fairly and prevalently. This commitment is realized by doing scientific studies related to agrarian studies, to conduct research and give assisting and agrarian consultation to people who need it.
5 The Center of Law and Gender Development (PPHG) Dr. Lucky Endrawati, SH., MH This institution specifically does law studies related to gender. The form of activities are quite varied, from studying the legislation, assisting the cases related to gender, female empowerment, strengthen in female organization from local to national and doing research on gender issues.
6 The Center of Human Rights and Democracy Development (PPHD) Muktiono, SH., M.Phil The Development Center of HAM and Democracy (PPHD) is a place for the academic members of Universitas Brawijaya to take part in the development and to uphold human rights and democracy which have the basic philosophy, the Three Duties of (Tri Dharma) a University which includes education, research and community services. In order to realize the Tri Dharma of a University in the field of human rights and democracy, PPHD synergies the available resources on campus to communities of human rights and democracy that are off campus at local, national and international.
7 The Center of Environment and Natural Resource Laws Development Developing assessment and laws and policies in the field of Environment and Natural Resources. It also provides training and consulting in the manufacturing regulations and planning of Environment and Natural Resources.
8 The Center of Constitution Development This institution focuses on Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development in Indonesia as well as the promotion of the constitutional rights of citizens based on the four pillars: Pancasila, UUD’45 (the constitution), NKRI (the homeland) and Bhinneka TUnggal Ika (unity in diversity). It also conducts research on regional regulation and to provide assistance in making local regulation.
9 The Center of Criminal Law and Criminology Development This institution emphasizes the study in the areas of Criminal Law and crime both nationally and internationally, as well as providing guidance and conducting research.
10 The Center of Laws Development This institution is established to provide services in the preparation of legislation to the public, as well as reviewing and mentoring related Legislation.
11 The Center of Socio-Legal Development Abdul Madjid, SH., MH Through this institution, it is expected to birth multidisciplinary study of law, with similar social approaches, such as, anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology in trying to find a humane legal format.
12 Indonesian Centre of Ocean Governance (ICOG) Dhiana Puspitawati, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D. Through this institution, carrying out studies, research. and community service in UB, particularly in marine-oriented development, become government’s partner, training for researchers and stakeholders, services and community assistance for fisherman community.