Jurnal Arena Hukum


Jurnal Arena Hukum is a forum for the lecturers to publish their scientific writings, whether as the result of the ideas or research.
In 2012, Jurnal Arena Hukum has published 3 volume numbers, which are volume number 1, 2 , and 3. To be noted that since 2012, the edition naming of the Jurnal Arena Hukum is changed. If in 2011 the edition naming of the journal includes: name, number, year, and month of publication, whereas in 2012, the edition naming includes: name, volume, number, month, and year of the publication.
Scientific publications published in Jurnal Arena Hukum are slightly decreased, it appears that in 2011 with 2 (two) times of the publication, the number of scientific articles from the lecturers of Faculty of Law published on the Jurnal Arena Hukum amounted to 10 (ten) articles, while in 2012 with 3 (three) times of the publication, there are only 9 (nine) articles. This is related to the efforts of Faculty of Law to obtain accreditation status of the Jurnal Arena Hukum, where the requirements that have to be met is a one-time publication that should contain articles written by lecturers outside Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya, with a percentage of 70% from the outsider and 30% from insider. With this requirements bring an implication of restrictions on the number of articles written by lecturers from Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya, which is only 3 (three) scientific articles in one-time publication.

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