Research and Community Service has the task of carrying out coordination, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of research activities, community service, and faculty collaboration. BPPM has the following functions:

  1. improving the quality and quantity of research, scientific work, community service, and cooperation on a national and international scale;
  2. preparation of BPPM plans, programs and budgets;
  3. implementation of scientific research, community service, and faculty cooperation;
  4. coordinating the implementation of research activities, community service, and cooperation;
  5. implementation of publication of research results, community service, and cooperation;
  6. implementation of cooperation in the field of research and community service with universities and/or other institutions both domestically and abroad;
  7. monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of research activities, community service, and faculty cooperation; and
  8. periodic reporting to the Dean

To date, BPPM has established very good cooperation with relevant government agencies, private sector, and domestic and foreign universities in terms of research implementation and community service/service. These collaborations, including with several universities abroad, are as follows:

  1. Universitat Leipzig, Jerman;
  2. Universiteit Utrecht, Belanda;
  3. Universiteit Leiden, Belanda;
  4. University of Wollongong, Australia;
  5. The University of Sydney, Australia;
  6. Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia;
  7. Queensland University of Technology, Australia;
  8. University of New Castle, Australia;
  9. International Islamic University, Malaysia;
  10. Law School Deakin University, Australia; dan
  11. University of Canberra, Australia.