Research and Community Services



Research is one of the main activities in the concept of Tri Dharma University. Faculty of Law put important points in the research as an organizational structure that is in the Badan Peneltian, Pengabdian Masyarakat, dan Kerjasama (BPPMK) / Board of Research, Community Services, and Cooperation. Regarding to this, every year the Faculty of Law through BPPMK provides excellent opportunities to all lecturers, whether permanent lecturers or non-civil permanent lecturers, to conduct research via the DPP/SPP with the funding taken from regular budget of the Faculty of Law on 20 research proposals. The Research Competition Section is a part of research studies that is conducted or competed in each section of the Faculty of Law, which are the Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Administrative Law, and Constitutional Law, plus one Laboratorium Hukum that is supervised general courses.

Besides the research funded by Faculty of Law itself, the Faculty of Law lecturers, either independently of in groups through the Development Centers, also conduct research funded by others, such as Directorate General on Higher Education through the LPPM, or from another parties such as the Province Government and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Community Services

The third Tri Dharma University is community services. The Faculty of Law academic community take an active role in community service activities. The unit below the Faculty of Law that became the coordinator in community services is Biro Konsultasi dan Bantuan Hukum (BKBH) / Bureau of Consultancy and Legal Assistance, Faculty of Law, which in conducting the community services assisted by all the academic community from the Faculty of Law, including the institutions of law department centers that also has a work program of community services. Forms of community services that has been done, include:

  • Extension of law
  • Provision of expert assistance
  • Provision of legal consultation
  • Implementation of Case Holds by making legal opinion
  • Legal Assistance
  • Making of Academic Paper and Draft Legislation