(Bahasa Indonesia) Pembukaan Pendaftaran Kompetisi Peradilan Semu Pidana Internal 2014

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Faculty of Law through Brawijaya University Student Executive Council is now holding an internal criminal moot court competition on the theme “CRIME OF NARCOTICS” which will take place on 12 to 14 December 2014.Registration will be open until the October 22-24, 2014. The registration of Internal Moot 2014 in building B of the Faculty of Law. Entries can be individual or group. For group contains 16 people.
By holding this competition, students to know how your make file proceedings which will be useful for students in the field of Criminal Procedure. Later on the participants will be guided by the students who have attended the court mooting Competition and the participants will have a store of value practices of criminal justice courses along with certificate.
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