Inauguration of Alumni Association of Master of Notary Faculty of Law, UB

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Malang (14/11) Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) held the inauguration to the new board of the Alumni Association of Master of Notary which was attended by Dean’s Leader Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H., M.Si., Dr. Herman Suryokumoro, S.H., M.S., Dr. Imam Kuswahyono, SH, MH, he also leads in the pronunciation of the Promised Oblation to all Alumni Association of Magister Kenotariatan selected in the period 2017-2021 he also advised Alumni that his knowledge and skills in the field of notary can be practiced to serve the needs of the people in Indonesia, can make it almamater FH UB. The skill in question is how they (alumni) can give good contribution and right target during their study in UB Faculty of Law by filling guest lecture activities related to the findings or issues concerning in the field of notary.

The event was followed by a notary seminar activity entitled “Becoming a Notary with Integrity” which was delivered directly by the two speakers namely Dr. Endang Sri Kawiryan, S.H., M.Hum., (Notary & PPAT Malang) and Miftachul Machsun, S.H., M.H., (Notary & PPAT Surabaya).

The first presentation was made by Dr. Endang Sri Kawuryan, S.H., M.Hum. he said that as a Notary is a public official who has a specificity in the field because a notary is equipped with special things that give educational values ​​to serve the interests of society and hear the wishes by the parties. In serving the community the basic things are:

  1. Have Science / Insight in their field.
  2. Have integrity that can be useful to build character in a professional manner.

as a state official, there is no position that uses a stamp other than the work of a Notary, therefore a Notary must have full responsibility and integrity of one of them:

  1. A Notary must be trustworthy who just does not talk much, and can keep secrets that do not need to be told.
  2. Honest and trustworthy and can keep trust to us.
  3. Respect for differences of opinion by both parties

Furthermore, the exposition of material by Miftachul Machsun, SH, MH, he explains as a Notary with integrity must have evidences of authentic deed, authentic deed serves as a means of evidence that has power, Integrity means complete or complete definitively as a consistency of our firmness in take actions that can uphold the values ​​of truth, integrity can not stand alone, the integrity of a unity with the attitude of a person’s professionalism about things that can not be doubted its truth or authenticity, so that a Notary who has special expertise like a:

  1. Prioritize skills and skills.
  2. The scope covers certain areas (professionalist).
  3. Fixed and persistent.
  4. Responsible without expecting rewards.
  5. Obtain authorized permissions in organizations.

Thus, such efforts can be made and achieved by a Notary, in order to become one of Notaries with integrity and morally accountable. [FHM / Humas]