Academic Module

Bachelor of Law

Academic module is a source of documentation containing guidance for lecturers and students for the learning process. This identifies both compulsory and elective courses to complete four-year studies. The academic modules transparently give brief information about module title, level code and course, semester, coordinator and team teaching of the course, language, relationship with the curriculum, duration and learning methods, learning load, credit unit, requirement, program learning outcome, course learning outcome, requirement and examination, learning media, and references.

1Religion3 ECTS
2Citizenship3 ECTS
3Bahasa Indonesia3 ECTS
4Pancasila3 ECTS
5Entrepreneurship3 ECTS
6English3 ECTS
7Introduction to Law6 ECTS
8Introduction to Indonesian Law3 ECTS
9State Science3 ECTS
1Concentration CoursesConcentration Courses5 ECTS
2Introduction to Legal Philosophy3 ECTS
3Logic and Legal Reasoning3 ECTS
4Legal Professional Ethics3 ECTS
5Legal Anthropology3 ECTS
6Field Work Practice (PKL)6 ECTS
7Compulsory Elective Courses6 ECTS
8Elective courses 
1Islam3 ECTS
2Catholicism3 ECTS
3Protestant3 ECTS
4Hindu3 ECTS
5Buddhism3 ECTS
 Business Economic Law 
1Bankruptcy Law and PKPU3 ECTS
2Company Law3 ECTS
3Banking Law and Financial Institutions3 ECTS
4Business Competition Law3 ECTS
5Intellectual Property Law3 ECTS
 Family Law 
1Marriage Law3 ECTS
2Law of Inheritance BW3 ECTS
3Customary Inheritance Law3 ECTS
4Comparison of Civil Law3 ECTS
5Contemporary Civil Law3 ECTS
 Agrarian Law 
1Spatial Law3 ECTS
2Management of Land Rights and Registration3 ECTS
3Land Procurement for Public Interest3 ECTS
4Flats Law3 ECTS
5Natural Resources Management Law3 ECTS
 Labor Law 
1Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement3 ECTS
2Work relationship3 ECTS
3Workers Protection and Labor Inspection3 ECTS
4Trade Union/Labor Union Law3 ECTS
5Migrant Workers Protection3 ECTS
 Constitutional law 
1Economic Constitution3 ECTS
2Election Law3 ECTS
3Village Government Law and Customary Governance3 ECTS
4Comparison of Constitutional Law3 ECTS
5Citizenship and Immigration Law3 ECTS
 State Administrative Law 
1State Finance Law3 ECTS
2Employment Law3 ECTS
3Law and Public Policy3 ECTS
4Licensing Law3 ECTS
5Contemporary State Administrative Law3 ECTS
 Criminal law 
1Capita Selecta Criminal Law3 ECTS
2Corporate Crime3 ECTS
3Criminal Justice System3 ECTS
4Transnational Crime3 ECTS
5Criminology3 ECTS
 International law 
1Law of Air and Space3 ECTS
2Diplomatic and Consular Law3 ECTS
3International Humanitarian Law3 ECTS
4International Economic Law3 ECTS
5International Organization Law3 ECTS
 Islamic law 
1Sharia Economic Law3 ECTS
2Islamic Criminal Law3 ECTS
3Islam and the State3 ECTS
4Comparison of Thoughts in Islamic Law3 ECTS
5Religious Court Practice3 ECTS