Academic Module

Master of Law

Academic module is a source of documentation containing guidance for lecturers and students for the learning process. This identifies both compulsory and elective courses to complete two-year studies. The academic modules transparently give brief information about module title, level code and course, semester, coordinator and team teaching of the course, language, relationship with the curriculum, duration and learning methods, learning load, credit unit, requirement, program learning outcome, course learning outcome, requirement and examination, learning media, and references.

1Philosophy of Law3 ECTS
2Legal Theory4.5 ECTS
3Politics of Law3 ECTS
4Legal Reasoning3 ECTS
1Legal Research Methods and Legal Scientific Writing4.5 ECTS
2Comparison of Legal Systems3 ECTS
3Non-Interest Compulsory Elective Courses 13 ECTS
4Non-Interest Compulsory Elective Courses 23 ECTS
1Compulsory Interest Courses  13 ECTS
2Compulsory Interest Courses  23 ECTS
3Elective Interest Courses 13 ECTS
4Elective Interest Courses 13 ECTS
5Research Proposal Exam6 ECTS
1Thesis Exam12 ECTS
 Agrarian Interest 
1Politics of Agrarian Law3 ECTS
2Agrarian and Economic3 ECTS
 Economic Interest 
1Law and Economics3 ECTS
2Labor Law3 ECTS
 Criminal Interest 
1Politics of Criminal Law3 ECTS
2Modern Criminology3 ECTS
 State Administration Interest 
1Constitutional Theory and Comparison3 ECTS
2Administrative Law Theory3 ECTS
 International Law Interest 
1Public International Law3 ECTS
2International Law of the Sea3 ECTS