Empowering Community, Applying The Useful Knowledge

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10 Feb

PSIKnews – One of the mandates of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi is the community service. As a part of this mandate application, student is expected to be capable in applying the knowledge in the form of community service. And in achieving this mandate and expectation, Faculty of Law of Brawijaya University held Program Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PPM), or community empowerment program.

Community empowerment program held by the Law Faculty this year will be held in Ngajum Subdistrict, Malang Regency. Two villages in the subdistrict were chosen to be the objects of this year’s community empowerment program, which are Balesari and Kranggan villages. Of the two villages, ten sub-villages were further chosen to be the venues of the program. One of the sub-villages is Jambuwer Sub-village, Balesari Village.

“We held some distinguished programs which we had planned in our community empowerment program’s proposal. Which the programs are the seminars related to the soil, domestic violence, danger on narcotics, to other social programs such as teaching program, village cleaning participation and free study assistance to the students. Alhamdulillah from those programs, we were able to assist the people to get the birth certificate. In fact, that one was not on our plan. Yet, one thing for sure, we have to survive in empowering this community” Told Noka Kholidal, Jambuwer sub-village coordinator.

The participants of the community empowerment program are expected to run their programs for 25 days. (alfa)