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In order to prepare students to face changes in social, cultural, world of work and rapid technological advances, student competencies must be prepared to be more responsive to the needs of the times. Link and match not only with the world of industry and the world of work but also with a rapidly changing future. Universities are required to be able to design and implement innovative learning processes so that students can achieve learning outcomes covering aspects of attitudes, knowledge, and skills optimally and always relevant. Higher education is also not just seeking to achieve learning outcomes, but education must prepare students to think critically with the values ​​of life and choose the opportunities they need to succeed in the path they choose. For this reason, the learning process can vary from learning with an "anywhere and anytime" approach, personal approach, flexible learning presentation, "peer and mentor", appropriate applications, modules and project-based learning (Education 4.0).

Figure 1. Education 4.0

The Independent Learning Policy-Independent Campus is expected to be the answer to the demands of Education 4.0. Independent Learning is a form of learning in higher education that is autonomous and flexible so as to create a learning culture that is innovative, unfettered, and in accordance with the needs of students. Students are given the freedom to take credits outside the study program, three semesters which are meant in the form of 1 semester of opportunity to take courses outside the study program and 2 semesters of carrying out learning activities outside the university.

Various forms of learning activities outside of tertiary institutions, including student exchange, research and internships. All these activities must be carried out with the guidance of the lecturer. Independent campuses are expected to provide field contextual experiences that will improve student competence as a whole, be ready to work, or create new jobs.

The learning process in the Merdeka Campus is one of the most essential manifestations of student centered learning. Learning in the Merdeka Campus provides challenges and opportunities for the development of innovation, creativity, capacity, personality, and student needs, as well as developing independence in seeking and finding knowledge through realities and field dynamics such as ability requirements, real problems, social interaction, collaboration, self-management, performance demands, targets and achievements. Through a well-designed and well-implemented independent learning program, students' hard and soft skills will be formed strongly.

The Independent Learning Program-Independent Campus is expected to be able to answer the challenges of higher education to produce graduates who are in accordance with the times, advances in science and technology, the demands of the business world and the industrial world, as well as the dynamics of society.

The Independent Learning Program which provides freedom for students to study for three semesters outside of the Bachelor of Law Study Program of FH UB based on the following policies:

  1. Law No. 20 of 2003, concerning the National Education System.
  2. Law Number 12 of 2012, concerning Higher Education.
  3. Law Number 6 of 2014, concerning Villages.
  4. Government Regulation Number 04 of 2014, concerning the
  5. Implementation of Higher Education and Management of Higher Education.
  6. Presidential Regulation number 8 of 2012, concerning the KKNI.
  7. Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2020 concerning National Standards for Higher Education.
  8. Free Learning Guide-Independent Campus Director of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture 2020
  9. Regulation of the Chancellor of the University of Brawijaya Number 45 of 2020 concerning Independent Learning-Independent Campuses
    Brawijaya University Education Guidelines for Academic Year 2020/2021

The objective of the Independent Learning-Independence Campus policy, the program "right to learn three semesters outside the study program" is to improve the competence of graduates of the Bachelor of Law Study Program of FH UB, both soft skills and hard skills, to be more prepared and relevant to the needs of the times, prepare graduates as a future leader of the nation with superior and personality. Experiential learning programs with flexible pathways are expected to facilitate students to develop their potential according to their passions and talents.

The form of Student Exchange, Research and Internship learning activities are carried out based on the educational path provided in the curriculum that has been determined by the UB Faculty of Law Undergraduate Study Program. The educational path consists of:

  1. Regular Education Path
  2. Independent Education Pathway Studying 1 Semester in UB
  3. Independent Education Path Studying 1 Semester outside UB
  4. Independent Education Path Study 2 Semesters inside and outside UB
  5. Independent Education Path Studying 2 Semesters outside UB
  6. Independent Education Path Study for 3 Semesters inside and outside UB

The distribution of courses in each educational path is presented in the following table:

Each credit (semester credit unit) is defined as “hours of activity”, not “hours of study”. The definition of “activities” includes classroom learning, internships, and student exchanges. Students can take credits outside UB for a maximum of 2 semesters (equivalent to 48 credits) and in addition, they can take credits in different study programs in UB for a maximum of 1 semester (equivalent to 24 credits). The calculation of semester credit units for off-campus learning is equivalent to 170 (one hundred and seventy) minutes per week per semester.

The forms of learning activities that can be chosen by students of the Bachelor of Law Study Program of FH UB include:

  • Student Exchange

Student Exchange is a form of learning activity by giving freedom to students who meet the requirements to take courses outside the Law Study Program of FH UB for 1-3 semesters or the equivalent of 20-72 credits. Student exchange is carried out in two forms, namely
a. Student Exchange between Study Programs in Universitas Brawijaya; and
b. Student Exchange between Undergraduate Study Programs in Law.

  • Research

Research is a form of learning activity by conducting research conducted with or funded by partner agencies with the guidance of lecturers. The research is carried out for 1-2 semesters or the equivalent of 24-48 credits. Students who will take part in research activities must meet certain requirements that have been determined by the UB Faculty of Law Undergraduate Study Program.

  • Intern

The MBKM Internship Program is a form of learning activity in the Independent Campus Independent Learning Program (MBKM) which provides opportunities for students to get experiential learning for 1 or 2 semesters.

There are 3 forms of MBKM Internships that are recognized in the Bachelor of Law Study Program (PS SIH) FH UB, namely:

  1. Internships organized by Kemendikbudristek;
  2. Internships organized by agencies in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture; and
  3. Internship organized by PS SIH FHUB.

Student Exchange

Internship organized by Bachelor of Law Study Program